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Govt Est. 1991('Chandigarh',), Chandigarh
About College

Government Medical College, Chandigarh

Since its inception in 1991, Government Medical College, Chandigarh has evolved significantly, starting with an initial intake of 50 MBBS students. By 2013, this number doubled to 100, and from the 2019-20 academic year, it further increased to 150 students. Recognized by the Government of India and the National Medical Commission (NMC), and affiliated with Punjab (Public) University, this institution has established itself as a premier medical college in India. It offers 150 seats in the MBBS program, postgraduate courses across 21 departments, and a super specialty course in one department, highlighting its comprehensive educational offerings.

Ranked 25th in NIRF's India Ranking 2020, Government Medical College, Chandigarh, is celebrated for its academic excellence and has consistently been ranked among the top 25 medical institutions in the country. Located on a serene and spacious 37-acre campus, it provides an ideal environment for medical education with its well-ventilated lecture theatres, seminar rooms, examination hall, and a large, air-conditioned auditorium. The college also provides separate hostel facilities for male and female students, ensuring a comfortable stay for its scholars.

In addition to MBBS, the college offers a variety of undergraduate courses in allied health sciences and postgraduate courses in specialties such as Anaesthesiology, Anatomy, Dermatology, ENT, Forensic Medicine, General Surgery, Microbiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Pathology, Psychiatry, Pulmonary Medicine, Ophthalmology, and Orthopaedics. Beyond academics, students at the college have excelled in cultural, literary, and sports activities, showcasing their well-rounded development.

The central library, established in 1992, is a testament to the college's commitment to supporting its students' and faculty's academic and research needs, embodying the institution's dedication to excellence in medical education and healthcare.

Number of Seats in MBBS  Government Medical College Hospital (GMCH)
M.B.B.S.Punjab UniversityGovt.1991150

Government Medical College Hospital (GMCH)

The Government Medical College Hospital in Nalbari, Assam, epitomizes a comprehensive healthcare and educational ecosystem, designed to cater to the diverse medical needs of a population exceeding 15 lakh in the surrounding area. With a sprawling 1000+ bedded facility supported by over 350 dedicated, competent, and service-oriented staff, it offers a wide range of clinical services across all basic and supportive general specialties, ensuring accessibility to quality healthcare for both the economically disadvantaged and more affluent sections of society.

Specialized services in clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic fields such as cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, pulmonology, nephrology, neonatology, neurosurgery, urology, plastic surgery, and burns are available, underscoring the hospital's multifaceted medical capabilities. The hospital infrastructure is divided into several blocks (A-E), each designated for specific medical and administrative functions, ensuring a streamlined and efficient patient care system.

Block-A, the emergency block, spans five floors with a total area of 225,000 sq. ft. It houses crucial departments like Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Medical and Surgical Emergency, and various intensive care units among others. Its design ensures rapid access to essential emergency services, labor rooms, and specialized wards such as Craniospinal, Cardiothoracic, and Burns Unit.

Block-B is dedicated to outpatient services, spread over six floors with a total area of 258,000 sq. ft. It facilitates a streamlined patient registration process, general and specialized OPDs, including those for Obstetrics & Gynaecology, General Surgery, and Orthopaedics, alongside diagnostic facilities like CT Scan and Radiotherapy OPD.

Block-C, the IPD block, consists of nine floors totaling 387,000 sq. ft., providing inpatient departments, a main kitchen, central stores, and surgery operation theatres. It incorporates an extensive range of medical labs, ICU, and wards for different specialties, ensuring comprehensive inpatient care.

Block-D serves as the administrative hub, encompassing essential services and offices over six floors and 278,000 sq. ft. It includes departments such as Radiodiagnosis and Radiotherapy, banking services, and administrative offices, facilitating the smooth operation of the hospital.

Block-E, the academic block, with nine floors and 387,000 sq. ft., is the educational core of GMCH. It houses classrooms, lecture theatres, and departments like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and more, supporting the institution's mission to provide top-notch medical education.

In addition to these primary blocks, Block-J hosts a Genetic Center, and Block-F is designated as the Super-Specialty Block, further expanding the hospital's capabilities to provide specialized and advanced medical treatments.

GMCH's design and facilities reflect a deep commitment to offering free or reasonably priced services to the poor while maintaining high standards of care for more affluent patients. With specialized services in various clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic fields, GMCH stands as a beacon of medical excellence and education, equipped with a dedicated team of over 350 staff members, aiming to provide the best possible healthcare and training for medical students across all levels.

CONTACT AND OTHER DETAILS:  Government Medical College, Chandigarh 

AddressGovernment Medical College, Chandigarh  : Chandi Path, Sector 32B, 32B, Sector 32, 160047
Phone:0172-2601023 / 0172-2601024
E-mail: [email protected]
Government Medical College,Chandigarh
Admission Process

Government Medical College, Chandigarh  MBBS NEETUG Counseling is conducted by 1) MCC (Medical Counselling Committee)( Open To All )and 2)  Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh admission process  (State Domicile)

AIQ (Medical Counselling Committee(MCC) )SQ  Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh admission process 

1 ) MCC (Medical Counselling Committee)(15%) (Open To All)

The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) under the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) is tasked with conducting counseling for a diverse range of medical seats across the country. This includes 15% All India Quota (AIQ) seats, 100% seats in Deemed Universities, Central Universities (such as Delhi University, Aligarh Muslim University, and Banaras Hindu University, including their Institutional/Domicile Quotas), Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) medical colleges, Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) for the registration part, and Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (including VMMC & SJH, ABVIMS & RML, and ESIC Dental, Delhi) covering both 15% AIQ and 85% Institutional Quota. Furthermore, MCC/DGHS handles 100% of the seats in AIIMS and JIPMER, as well as B.Sc. Nursing courses in Central Institutes.

The primary responsibility of the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC)of DGHS is the allotment of seats to participating candidates based on their merit and personal choices. This crucial process commences only after the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) receives the list, data, or information of successful candidates from the National Testing Agency (NTA), which is the body responsible for conducting the NEET (UG) examination. Through this well-structured and transparent counseling process, Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) ensures that candidates are matched to their preferred institutions in a fair and merit-based manner, facilitating their journey towards becoming future healthcare professionals.

Eligibility Condition:

  • The candidate should have qualified under NEET-UG eligibility.
  • Domicile-free Counseling (Open to all)

Step Wise Counseling Process conducted by Medical Counselling Committee (MCC)

 The counseling process for admission into various programs will encompass four distinct rounds: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, and the Stray and Special Stray Vacancy Round. In accordance with the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India's directives, as per the orders dated 12.12.2022 and 16.12.2021 in the case of "SLA (C) No. 10487 of 2021 in the matter of Nihila P.P. v/s MCC & Ors.," all four rounds will be conducted online by the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC). This approach ensures a transparent and accessible counseling process for all candidates.

Following the Supreme Court's approval, no seats will revert to the participating states after Round 2, marking a significant change in the counseling process. The Mop-up Round will now be recognized as Round 3 from the 2023-24 session onwards. It is crucial for candidates to make informed decisions regarding their participation in Round 3 of AIQ/Deemed/Central Universities counseling, as withdrawal from this round will not be permitted. Additionally, candidates accepting a seat in Round 3 will be ineligible for any further counseling rounds.

To facilitate a seamless transition between rounds and ensure optimal seat allocation, data will be shared between the Centre and the States. Any candidate listed in the allotments will be excluded from the All India Stray Vacancy Round to maintain the integrity of the counseling process.

For seats designated as JAIN MINORITY/MUSLIM MINORITY/NRI, any vacancies remaining after Round 3 will convert to UR MANAGEMENT Private Deemed University seats. This conversion only occurs after all eligible candidates for JAIN MINORITY/MUSLIM MINORITY/ NRI seats have been considered, ensuring no seat goes unfilled and maximizing educational opportunities for all students.

RoundsTypes of Counselling Mode 
Round 1- (By Medical Counselling Committee (MCC))AIQ, Deemed University, Central University/InstitutesOnline
Round 2- (By Medical Counselling Committee (MCC))AIQ, Deemed University, Central University/InstitutesOnline
 Round 3 (earlier MOPUP)- (By Medical Counselling Committee (MCC))AIQ, Deemed University, Central University/InstitutesOnline
Stray Vacancy Round- - By Medical Counselling Committee (MCC)AIQ, Deemed University, Central University/InstitutesOnline
Special Stray Vacancy Round -Online - Medical Counselling Committee (MCC)AIQ, Deemed University, Central University/InstitutesOnline

Reservation Policy for 15% All India Quota seats: 

The Reservation Policy of the Central Government for the NEET-UG Counselling in All India Quota is as follows:

S.C.- 15% 

S.T.- 7.5% 

O.B.C.- (Non-Creamy Layer) as per the Central OBC list- 27%

 EWS- as per Central Government norms- 10%

 PwD- Horizontal Reservation as per NMC norms- 5%

NOTE:- Reservation of seats under PWD Category is 5% in AIQ & as per NMC norms (Gazette Notification no. MCI-34(41)/2018-Med./170045 dated 04/02/2019). For range of disabilities included, please see Annexure ‘1’.

Guidelines for NRI Seat Allocation during MCC Counseling

The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) has established specific criteria for Non-Resident Indian (NRI) seat allocation as per the directives issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. According to the verdict in W.P. No. 689/2017 - Consortium of Deemed Universities in Karnataka (CODEUNIK) & Anr. vs. Union of India & Ors. on August 22, 2017, candidates qualifying as NRIs are eligible for NRI category seats. This eligibility extends to Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), and Foreign Nationals, who may only apply for NRI-designated seats.

Indian Nationals seeking to be reclassified to the sponsored NRI category must adhere to the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC)'s requirements, including the timely submission of necessary documents upon request. Candidates are encouraged to stay informed on the process through official Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) communications to ensure compliance and secure their eligibility for NRI seat consideration during the counseling sessions.

First Round:- (AIQ/Central Institutes/University/AIIMS/JIPMER/Deemed University/AMU/BHU/B.Sc. Nursing)  (Free Exit Round)

  • Notification for counseling process
  • NRI application with appropriate documents to be mailed for opening NRI portal ([email protected])
  • Registration fee varies as per the Filling of application form for-AIQ, Deemed, CU, DU, Central Institutes, AFMS
  • Seat matrix display round 1
  • Exercising of Choices and Locking of choices on all days.
  • Process of Seat Allotment Round-1
  • Publication of result of Round-1 on MCC website
  • Uploading of essential certificates after declaration of result.
  • All allotted students must download the allotment letter
  • Options for an allotted candidate :- 

If You're Satisfied with Your Allotted Seat and Wish to Join the College:

  1. Physical Reporting: You are required to physically report to the college to which you've been allotted to complete the joining formalities.
  2. Fee Payment: Upon reporting, you will need to pay the tuition fees and any other applicable fees to secure your seat. Please note, the security deposit paid during the MCC counselling cannot be adjusted against the tuition fees.
  3. Document Submission: After paying the fees, you must hand over your original documents to the college as part of the admission process.
  4. Security Deposit: The security deposit will be refunded by MCC after the counselling process concludes.

If You Wish to Participate in the Next Round:

For Upgrading: If you're satisfied with your current seat but, interested in exploring better options in the next round, you must:

  1. Join the college allotted in Round 1 by physically reporting, paying the fees, and submitting the necessary documents.
  2. Express your willingness for upgradation during the admission process. This indicates that while you're accepting the Round 1 seat, you're also interested in being considered for a better seat in Round 2.

If You're Not Satisfied with Your Allotment:

Seeking a Better Option: If the current allotment does not meet your expectations and you wish to participate in the next round for a better seat without reporting, be aware that:

  1. You will forfeit your currently allotted seat
  2. You must go through the counselling process again to be considered for a new seat in the subsequent round.

If You've Decided to Quit the MCC Process:

  • Withdrawal: If you're not satisfied with the MCC allotted seat and have secured admission elsewhere, you can withdraw from the MCC counselling process. By doing so, you will not be considered for any seat allotment in the future rounds. MCC will return your security deposit post the counselling period.
Note: if a registered candidate is not allotted a seat in round 1, he/she can participate in round 2 directly without fresh registration. 

2nd Round :-(AIQ/Central Institutes/University/AIIMS/JIPMER/Deemed University/AMU/BHU/B.Sc. Nursing) (No Free Exit Round)

Fresh Registration for 2ND ROUND (not required for earlier registered candidates)

  • Notification for counseling process
  • NRI application with appropriate documents to be mailed for opening NRI portal ([email protected])
  • Fresh New Registration for Round-2 for those candidates who have not registered in Round-1 (with full payment of fees)
  • Seat matrix display for round 2
  • Exercising of “Fresh Choice filling” and Locking of choices.
  • Process of Seat Allotment Round-2
  • Publication of result of Round-2 on MCC website
  • Uploading of essential certificates after declaration of result
  • All allotted students must download the allotment letter
  • Physical Reporting with original documents at the allotted Medical/Dental College against Round 2 allotted seat
  • If Allotted (No Free Exit) (Exit With Forfeiture of Fees )( Upgradation is available For  Round 3 only.)
  • Reporting at the Medical Institutions/university against 2nd Round (candidates once joined the allotted seat against 2nd Round are not allowed to vacate the seat) (Candidates who have allotted a seat in round 2 can opt for willingness to upgrade from round 2 to round 3 for which they will have to physically report at the allotted college.)
If upgraded in to Round 2, the candidate must take relieving from Round 1 seat and join Round 2 seat. 
The Security Deposit will be forfeited if a candidate who has been allotted a seat in the Second Round or subsequent rounds and does not join the respective institution. Also, the Security Deposit will be forfeited if the admission gets cancelled due to any reason 
Candidates getting upgraded in Round 2 shall NOT have any claim on Round 1 seat. 
 If a candidate freshly registered in round 2 is not allotted a seat, he/she can participate in round 3 directly without fresh registration.
However, if an upgraded candidate does not want round 2 seat, he may avail exit with forfeiture after round 2 result announcements. 

3rd Round :- (AIQ/Central Institutes/University/AIIMS/JIPMER/Deemed University/AMU/BHU/B.Sc. Nursing) (No Free Exit Round)
Fresh Registration for Round 3(not required for earlier registered candidates)

  • Notification for counseling process
  • NRI application with appropriate documents to be mailed for opening NRI portal ([email protected])
  • Fresh New Registration Round 3 for those candidates who
  1. Have not registered in Round-1 or Round 2 (with full payment of fees).
  2. Have Resigned / Not reported in Round-1 or Round 2 need to fill fresh choices only with full payment of fees
  • Seat matrix for round 3
  • Exercising of “Fresh Choice filling” and Locking of choices
  • Process of Seat Allotment Round-3
  • Publication of result of Round 3 on MCC website.
  • Uploading of essential certificates after declaration of result
  • All allotted students must download allotment letter
  • Physical Reporting with original documents at the allotted Medical/Dental College against Round 3 allotted seat
  • If Allotted (No Free Exit)
If upgraded, the candidate must take relieving from Round 2 seat and join Round 3 seat. Once joined, he cannot upgrade or resign from this seat. 
For seats designated as JAIN MINORITY/MUSLIM MINORITY/NRI, any vacancies remaining after Round 3 will convert to UR MANAGEMENT Private Deemed University seats. This conversion only occurs after all eligible candidates for JAIN MINORITY/MUSLIM MINORITY/ NRI seats have been considered, ensuring no seat goes unfilled and maximizing educational opportunities for all students.
If allotted a seat, the candidate cannot upgrade or resign. If any candidate does not join Round 3 seat, he may exit with forfeiture of fees and elimination (cannot participate in any further rounds).
If a candidate freshly registered in round 3 is not allotted a seat, he/she is eligible to participate in stray round. 
Candidates getting upgraded in Round 3 shall NOT have any claim on Round 2 seat.
Data will be shared with Centre and the States after Round 3 and if any candidate has his name in the list of allotted candidates in either Centre or State, then such candidates shall be eliminated from the All India Stray Vacancy Round. 

Stray vacancy: (AIQ/Central Institutes/University/AIIMS/JIPMER/Deemed University/AMU/BHU/B.Sc. Nursing) (No Free Exit Round)

  • Notification for counseling process
  • NRI application with appropriate documents to be mailed for opening NRI portal ([email protected]) (*NRI seat openings during the counseling rounds are contingent on the availability of NRI vacancies.)
  • Fresh registrations shall be done for Final Stray Vacancy Round.
  • Seat matrix display for stray round
  • Seat matrix for Stray Round
  • Exercising of “Fresh Choice filling” and Locking of choices
  • Process of Seat Allotment Stray Round
  • Publication of result of Stray Round on MCC website.
  • Uploading of essential certificates after declaration of result
  • All allotted students must download allotment letter
  • Reporting To The College
If a candidate is allotted a seat in Stray round, he/she has to join the allotted seat/college. If the candidate does not join the allotted seat, he/she shall be debarred from NEET examination for 01 Year along with forfeiture of fees. 

Special Stray vacancies:- (AIQ/Central Institutes/University/AIIMS/JIPMER/Deemed University/AMU/BHU/B.Sc. Nursing) 

NOTE:- The Special Stray Vacancy Round is conducted exclusively to fill any seats that remain vacant even after the Stray Vacancy Round. This round is a final attempt to ensure that no seat goes unfilled, providing one last opportunity for candidates to secure a position in their desired college or course.

  • Notification for counseling process
  • NRI application with appropriate documents to be mailed for opening NRI portal ([email protected]) (*NRI seat openings during the counseling rounds are contingent on the availability of NRI vacancies.)
  • Seat matrix Special Stray vacancies
  • Exercising of “Fresh Choice filling” and Locking of choices
  • Seat allotment Special Stray vacancies
  • All allotted students must download allotment letter
If a candidate is allotted a seat in SPECIAL Stray round, he has to join the allotted seat/college.  If the candidate does not join the allotted seat, he/she shall be debarred from NEETUG examination for 01 Year along with forfeiture of fees. 

Allotment PDF LINKS for the year UG 2023-24 Counselling :

MCC NEET  2023-2024
 Information bulletin neet (ug) 2023Click
Seat Matrix AIQ Click
Seat Matrix AIIMSClick
Seat Matrix final ESIC insured personClick
Seat Matrix jipmerClick
Stray Vacancy Round AllotmentClick
Special Stray Vacancy Round AllotmentClick

Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh SEAT MATRIX OF Medical Counselling Committee(MCC) FOR THE YEAR 2023-24

QuotaOpenOpen PwDGeneral- EWSGeneral- EWS PwDOBCOBC PwDSCSC PwDSTST PwDTotal Seats
All India812060402023

 Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh MCC  AIQ CUT-OFF 2023-24

Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh LEAST CUT-OFF
FIRST ROUND 5441634126613546243162024
SECOND  ROUND6071600-14584--

2) Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh   (State Domicile)

Medical aspirants looking to pursue MBBS, BDS, or BHMS in Chandigarh must register for admission by completing an online application form exclusively available on the GMCH website at Candidates are required to fill a single form for all three courses—MBBS, BDS, and BHMS—and select the desired courses within the same form. It is mandatory for applicants to bring a separate set of printouts along with the necessary annexures for each course to the counseling session. These printouts can be obtained from the 'PRINT APPLICATION' page of the online submitted application form after logging in. Candidates must present the original certificates/documents at the time of counseling, as no digital documents or Digi-locker certificates will be accepted. The entire application process is conducted digitally, with no provision for printed forms, and admissions are based on the marks obtained in the NEET-UG examination. The selection process includes two rounds of Chandigarh NEET-UG counseling, with an additional mop-up round conducted by the admission authority if seats remain vacant after the initial rounds, ensuring a comprehensive opportunity for all candidates.

After the release of the provisional GMCH MBBS/BDS/BHMS  merit list, the candidates whose names are included in it will have to take part in the document verification session. Candidates will have to furnish all the relevant documents to the authority for verification purposes. After the verification process, the authority will release the final Chandigarh MBBS  merit list which includes the candidate's merit rank along with their NEET  roll no. Candidates will be called for choice filling and locking of courses and colleges on the basis of their GMCH MBBS merit rank. Based on the choices filled, availability of seats, merit rank, reservation category the MBBS ADMISSION 

Eligibility For Admission:

  • 12th or (10+2 Equivalent) with Minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English for UR &  40% for SC/ST/OBC.
  • ONLY INDIAN CITIZENS are eligible to apply under the categories of UT Chandigarh Pool
  • Those who have qualified NEET-UG by scoring the minimum qualifying percentage will be eligible for the Admission and Counseling. Candidates should have earned a minimum of 50 percentile (40th  percentile for SC/ST/OBC and 45th percentile for General-PH) in order to become eligible for NEET -UG counseling rounds
  • AGE: A student must have completed an age of 17 years at the time of admission under NEET eligibility or should complete the age on or before 31st December of the year of his/her admission to the 1st year MBBS/BDS Course.

Eligibility Criteria, General Condition and admission procedure for 115 UT Chandigarh Pool seats:(General Category, SC Category, Person with Disability Category) 

The following criteria shall be followed for admission to State (UT Chandigarh) Quota Seats in MBBS Course in GMCH-32, Chandigarh from the date of issuance of this notification vide No. 4486/E-134842/F-II(GMCH)/2023/10399 dated 15.07.2022: -

Candidates who had completed 10th, 10+1 and 10+2 from schools/ colleges recognized by the Chandigarh Administration and situated in the Union Territory of Chandigarh, as regular student of the said school/ college.
Candidates whose parents are residents of Chandigarh for the past 05 years immediately preceding the date of application even if they do not satisfy the criteria as laid down in condition No.1 above. The requisite residence certificate issued from the office of Deputy Commissioner will be taken as proof for this purpose
Candidates whose parents are employees of Central Government/State Government who are on deputation to U.T., Administration, including government employees of Chandigarh Administration/ employees working in autonomous bodies/companies in which Chandigarh Administration has 20% or more share, for the past 03 years immediately preceding the date of application even if they do not satisfy the criteria as laid down in condition No. 1 & 2 above
Those candidates who are wards of serving Defence Personnel/ Ex- Servicemen having permanent address of UT Chandigarh in their service record, at the time of entry into defence services. The requisite certificate for permanent address issued by the respective Competent Authority will be taken as proof for this purpose.

Candidates need to submit one of the following documents/certificates to establish their eligibility for UT Chandigarh Pool: -

  1. Class 10, 10+1 and 10+2 Certificate from schools/colleges recognized by the Chandigarh Administration and situated in the Union Territory of Chandigarh, as regular student of the said school/college as per Appendix A1 if eligible as per criteria 1
  2. Residence Certificate to be issued by the office of the Deputy Commissioner, U.T., Chandigarh mentioning period of residence with dates as per Appendix A2 if eligible as per criteria 2
  3. Certificate to be issued by the respective Head of the Department for candidates whose parents are working in Central Government/ State Government and are on deputation to Chandigarh Administration/ employees of Chandigarh Administration / working in Autonomous bodies/ companies in which Chandigarh Administration has 20% or more share for the past 03 years immediately preceding the date of application as per Appendix A3 if eligible as per criteria 3
  4. Certificate to be issued by the respective Competent Authority in case of candidates applying in the category of wards of serving Defence Personnel/ Ex-Servicemen as per Appendix A4 if eligible as per criteria 4.  ( AND  ) Candidates of all four categories above, will have to submit an undertaking /affidavit that the candidate has not opted and claimed benefit of residence in any other State/UT other than Chandigarh after the declaration of NEET result both at the time of applying and again a fresh undertaking at the time of appearing for counseling [as per Appendix A5]


Eligibility criteria and admission procedure for Foreign Indian Student:

The Candidates must be of Indian origin. These seats are not open to foreign nationals who are of non-Indian origin
Candidates must have claimed his/her eligibility for NRI/OCI category while applying for NEET (UG)  examination 
The candidates meeting any of the following criteria will be eligible to apply for admission under this category
  • Persons of Indian origin who are citizens of countries other than India and hold the passport of the country concerned
  • Overseas Citizens of India.
  • Indian citizens (candidates) who have resided in a country other than India for a minimum period of three years immediately preceding the year of admission in the Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Sector-32, Chandigarh. Explanation: The aforesaid condition of residence for a minimum period of three years in a country other than India prescribed in clause (iii) above means actual/ physical residence on a regular basis. Notional, Deemed or constructive residence of any kind shall not be considered for this purpose. Accordingly, possession of a Green card/Permanent Resident Permit will ipso facto not confer eligibility or entitlement for admission. For compliance with this clause, the candidate should submit the certificates from the school(s) attended in a country other than India during the three years immediately preceding the year of admission as a regular student i.e., full session of Class 10 in 2020- 2021, Class 11 in 2021-2022 and Class 12 in 2022-2023. If the candidate has a gap between the Class 12 examination and the present admission year 2023i.e. passed Class 12 in 2022 or earlier, then the candidate must provide proof of actual residence abroad for three years immediately preceding the year of admission, in the form of a certificate issued from the Indian embassy/Consulate in that country that the candidate was residing in the concerned country (Foreign country) from 2020-2023 (covering an actual period of 3 years) - The expression “Overseas Citizens of India” in clauses (ii) above refers to persons registered as such under Section 7-A of the Citizenship Act, 1955 as amended up-to-date.
  • Only NEET (UG)-2023 qualified candidates can apply for admission against Foreign Indian Student category seats for admission year 202
  • The candidates must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Bio- technology & English individually in the qualifying examination (equivalent to 12th standard) securing minimum percentage of 50% marks in the aggregate of Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Biotechnology


The application fee must be paid online only as per detail given below: -

CategoryTotal Amount Payable (in Rs.)
For SC category1000/- + Bank Charges, if any.
For General & other categories2,000/- + Bank Charges, if any.
For Foreign Indian Student / NRI Category14,000/- + Bank Charges, if any.
Tentative Admission Schedule
Schedule of counseling for all courses covered in Centralized Medical Admissions will be as under: -
 i)Date of availability of prospectus online (PDF format only)To be notified
ii)Date of availability of application forms onlineTo be notified
iii)Last date / time of submission of online application form and fees for all candidates (including Foreign Indian Student/NRI)To be notified

Display of lists of Provisionally eligible candidates according to their categories

and List of deficient documents / Discrepancies

To be notified
v)Last date for submission of documents to remove the deficiencies, if anyTo be notified
vi)Display of final list of provisionally Eligible Candidates according to their categoriesTo be notified

First Counseling




‘O’ Block, (Sarai Building), Govt. Medical College, Sector 32-A,Chandigarh

To be notified

a) MBBS:

All UT* Pool seats (General/ SC/ PwD**) Foreign Indian Student (NRI) seats.

To be notified

b) BDS: 

General Category, Reserved (SC, ST, BC, PwD, Jaj category &International / NRI seats

  To be notifiedc) BHMS: General  Category, Reserved (SC/ PwD)
viii)Second Counseling (If any seat vacant)To be notifiedMBBS
  To be notifiedBDS &BHMS
ix)Commencement of Academic session for UG CoursesTo be notified
x)MOP UP Round(If any seat vacant)To be notified
xi)Last date up to which students can joinTo be notified

*UT- Union Territory of Chandigarh

**PwD- Person with disability NOTE:-

  1. Bring and keep ready the original documents / certificates for scrutiny / submission at the time of counseling.
  2. The candidates should bring separate set of online submitted application form for each course applied for, along with self-attested copies of requisite certificates/ documents at the time of counseling.
  3. The candidates are not required to submit hard copies of submitted online application form in govt. Medical college hospital, sector-32, Chandīgarh before scrutiny/ counseling.
  4. The schedule mentioned above is subject to any change by competent authority/ national medical commission /Hon’ble courts. (to be notified on the GMCH website in case of any change)

Procedure for Applying

1. Prospectus is only available as PDF document on GMCH Website for viewing/downloading . It is not available in printed form.

2. Application form is available online only at GMCH Website . It is not available in printed form.

3. Before applying, candidates are advised to go through the admission notice published in the newspapers and instructions given in the prospectus carefully and then fill in the online Application Form.

4. All candidates have to fill application form online, available at GMCH Website Candidate has to fill single form for MBBS, BDS and BHMS and may select multiple courses.

5. Additional application fee is payable for each course selected and added while filling the online application form. Candidate has to pay the total fee online in single transaction.

6. The candidates should fill all the relevant fields in the form. No field/Column should be left blank.

7. Category of reservation should be entered in the prescribed column of the online application form. No addition or change of category of reservation will be allowed once form has been submitted.

8. Candidates applying for MBBS/BDS/BHMS courses should upload following applicable documents at the time of filling up the application form online: -

i) NEET (UG)Result card.

ii) Matriculation certificate showing the date of birth or birth certificate issued by Govt. Authority.

iii) Passing Certificate of 10th Class.

iv) Passing certificate of 10+1 or other qualifying examination.

v) Detailed marks sheet of 10+2 or other qualifying examination.

vi) Applicable Certificate for candidates applying against UT Chandigarh Pool Seats for MBBS/ BHMS (Appendix A1 / A2 / A3 / A4 as applicable)

vii) Undertaking /affidavit that the candidate has not opted and claimed benefit of residence in any other State/UT other than Chandigarh (Appendix A5)

viii) Reserved category certificate as applicable (Appendix C)

ix) Person with Disability (PWD) certificate as applicable.

9. Documents to be uploaded by the Foreign Indian Student for MBBS course OR International / NRI students for BDS course at the time of filling up the application form online: -

i) NEET (UG) result card.

ii) Matriculation / High/ Higher secondary school certificate showing date of birth or birth certificate issued by government authority.

iii) 10+1 Detailed Marks Sheet/ Passing Certificate.

iv) Certificate of having passed 10+2/pre-medical/of 10+2+3 system showing equivalent examination from any university/board showing detailed marks/explanation sheets of grade. The candidate must provide the marks in percentage obtained in each of the subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English in 10+1 and10+2 separately.

v) Character Certificate.

vi) Eligibility and Equivalence certificate from both Panjab University and Association of Indian Universities (AIU), for the candidates who have studied from the Foreign/International Board.

vii) Passport/ relevant document (e.g. OCI Card) of Foreign Indian Student(MBBS Course Criteria) or International / NRI (BDS course criteria) from a competent authority.

viii) Applicable Certificate for candidates applying against Category I / II of Foreign Indian Student (MBBS Criteria) seats.

Procedure for filling application form online and Deposit of Fee online:-

Flowchart of steps for filling the application form online. All steps are mandatory to complete the application process.
Step 1Visit GMCH website i.e.
Step 2Go to “Admission”
Step 3Register by clicking on “Candidate  Registration”.  Candidate will receive a confirmation on email including his/her Application ID on registered email address.
Step 4Login by clicking on “Candidate login”.
Step 5Candidate will have to fill demographic details and save the same
Step 6Candidate will have to fill Educational Qualification demographic details and save the same
Step 7Candidate will have to select course and category and save the same
Step 8Candidate will have to Upload Photo & Signature in JPG format (<50KB)
Step 9Candidate will have to upload certificates/ documents as mentioned in the form/ prospectus
Step 10Candidate should check the detailed information filled in the previous steps through review filled form before final submission
Step 11Candidate will have to pay online fee. Fee will not be paid without entering abovementioned details.
Step 12After all the above mentioned entries / steps the form will be finally submitted after checking final submission.
Step 13To take printout filled application form/ forms, Click on “Print”
Note: - The candidates should bring separate set of online submitted application form for each course applied for, along with self-attested copies of requisite certificates/ documents at the time of counseling.


The candidate should bring with them all the requisite original Certificates / documents for verification at the time of counseling.
The attested copies of the certificates or similar other documents will not be entertained for granting admission to a candidate to the MBBS/BDS/BHMS course.
List of provisionally eligible candidates according to their rank/merit in NEET (UG)- 2023 and category will be displayed on Website of Government Medical College & Hospital,Sector 32, Chandigarh.
Final eligibility for admission against various categories will be determined after scrutiny of original documents at the time of counseling
All eligible candidates including own merit candidates from reserved categories(except PwD /Foreign Indian Student /International/NRI category candidates), will be considered for admission against general category seats according to their rank/merit in the combined list, in addition to the category/categories they have applied for.
Candidate(s) belonging to a reserved category who fulfills all the criteria for general category (own merit candidates) and on the basis of his/her rank/merit in the NEET (UG)obtains admission in general category shall not be counted towards the seats earmarked for the reserved category concerned
It is further clarified that SC candidate(s) who obtain admission in the general category on the basis of his/her rank/merit will continue to get all the benefits such as fee concession etc. available to SC candidates admitted against seats reserved for Scheduled Castes.
Personal appearance of candidate before the Counseling/Admission Committee is mandatory  for claiming seat as per rank/merit determined and displayed
Mere attending the counseling for a course does not confer any right to admission in that course. Admission will be strictly according to the rank/merit in NEET (UG)
Sequence of counseling will be for General Category seats first, followed by reserved category seats. 
If an eligible candidate reports late for counseling when his/her turn according to his/her rank/merit has already been passed over, he/she will be considered as per available seat at the time of his/her actual reporting in the counseling
A candidate once granted admission cannot re-appear in subsequent counseling for the same course.
An otherwise eligible candidate who did not appear in the first counseling is allowed to appear in the second or subsequent counseling and will be offered the  available course /seat as per his/her rank/merit in that counseling
The second counseling will be conducted for the vacant seats, if any.
In case of any seat remaining unfilled in any reserved category due to non-availability of an eligible candidate, the same will be de-reserved and filled from amongst general category candidates as per merit / rank in NEET (UG)-
No separate counseling letter will be issued./ No TA/DA will be paid for attending counseling
Eligible candidates should report at the following venue by 9.00 AM for marking their attendance and scrutiny of the original documents:  Auditorium, O-Block (Sarai Building), Government Medical College & Hospital, Sector 32-A Chandigarh

The candidates should report with any one of the following photo identification proofs:

  • Aadhar card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Voter identity card

The candidate should bring separate set, for each course he/she applied for, of printout of online submitted application/form along with self-attested photocopies of the following documents along with two passport size photographs for scrutiny at the time of counseling and also bring and keep ready original documents/ certificates for submission:

  1. NEET (UG)-2023 Result card as applicable.
  2. Matriculation certificate showing the date of birth or birth certificate issued by Govt. Authority.
  3. Passing Certificate of 10th Class.
  4. Passing certificate of 10+1 or other qualifying examination.
  5. Detailed marks sheet of 10+2 or other qualifying examination.
  6. Applicable Certificate for candidates applying against UT Chandigarh Pool seats. (Appendix A1 / A2 / A3 / A4 as applicable) (for MBBS)
  7. Undertaking /affidavit that the candidate has not opted and claimed benefit of residence in any other State/UT other than Chandigarh (Appendix A5)
  8. Character certificate (Appendix B)
  9. Reserved category certificate as applicable (Appendix C).
  10. Person with Disability (PwD) certificate as applicable.
  11. Documents to be attached as per checklist with the printout of application form for MBBS/ BDS course for Foreign Indian Student/International/NRI candidate. (Appendix E)
  12. Any other document as applicable


The selected candidates have to undergo medical examination by the constituted Medical Board on the same day or succeeding day of their admission to the course. Only those candidates who are found to be medically fit shall be granted admission.
The candidates who do not appear before the Medical Board or are found medically unfit shall not be allowed to join the course
Admissions shall be made strictly in accordance with the rules/criteria mentioned in this prospectus. However, in all matters which need interpretation or for which no provision exists in the prospectus, the decision of the Admission Committee shall be final No correspondence will be entertained regarding rejection or disqualification of any candidate
Fees are to be paid on the day of the medical examination if the candidate is found to be medically fit. The candidature of the eligible candidates, who do not deposit the prescribed fees in full, shall stand automatically cancelled and vacancies so caused shall be offered to the candidates next in order of merit. No correspondence or appeal in this connection will be entertained by the Admission Committee
The original certificates of the selected candidates will be retained by the respective institution as per the instructions issued by the Director General Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi vide letter No. F. No. U 12021/33/2209-MEC (Pt. II) dated 03.02.2010.
The original certificates of the selected candidates shall be returned only if the seat is surrendered in writing by the candidate, as per the instructions issued by the Director General Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi vide letter No. F. No. U 12021/33/2209-MEC (Pt. II) dated 03.02.2010
All admissions to MBBS/BDS/BHMS courses shall be provisional and subject to the approval by Panjab University, National Medical Commission /Dental Council of India/Professional regulatory bodies of the concerned courses

Government medical college & Hospital (MBBS) 2023-24 :The distribution of these 150 seats will be as under:

  Category% ReservationNo. of seats
1All India Quota 15%23*
2Central Pool  03
3Foreign Indian Student  09
4UT Chandigarh Pool (Total seats: 115)Scheduled Caste (SC)15%*Total - 17*
General Total - 98
GenGen PwD
Roll  No.Name of CandidatesCategoryGenderNEET MarksNEET Rank 
2337.BHAVYAAIQ(OBC- NCL)Male6801634
2421.SHINE MARWAHAAIQ(SC)Female62814584
2434.TAKHE ANKUAIQ(ST)Female60824316
2414.SAKSHAM SALUJAGeneralMale59830338
2366.JIGISHAGen (PwD)Female255535965
2349.DISHA SANGARNRIFemale189760450

Prospectus and cut off 2023-24 PDF

List of selected candidates in the 1st counselling of MBBS-2023.pdf



Note: The Admission Process is written as per the ordinance of the official Counselling Agency.

Fee Structure


Tentative annual fee structure including admission fee & tuition fee for Indian Citizens in various categories will be as under:

General Category (UT/All India Quota/ PwD category/Central Pool)Rs. 24,979/-
SC including SC (PwD) Category (UT/All India Quota)Rs. 19,879/-

Tentative fee structure including admission fee & tuition fee for ForeignIndian Students is as under:

Admission FeeTotal Charges: US $1,10,000 + US $1,000 registration charges
Other Annual Fees

In addition to the above mentioned admission fee, Foreign Indian Students will be charged othe rfees including tuition fee as applicable to General Category Indian Citizen students admitted in UT Chandigarh Pool. This fee can be paid in Indian rupees also.


College security (Refundable) of INR 50,000/- will be charged from Foreign Indian Student at the time of admission which will be refunded after completion of the course.

The above fee structure is subject to revision by Panjab University authorities and same shall be applicable accordingly.

  1. Payment of fees can be made by Debit Card / Credit Card/ Online on GMCH website.
  2. The payment by Foreign Indian Student candidates will be accepted through bank draft in favour of Director Principal (Academics), Govt. Medical College Hospital, Chandigarh. Conversion charges will be borne by the candidate only. The payment can also be made in Indian Rupees equivalent to US$ 1,10,000(Admission Fee) + US $1000 (Registration Charges) from an NRE account only and certificate to this effect should be issued by the concerned bank.
  3. In case of surrender of seat, the fees and other funds deposited at the time of admission will be refunded after deduction of Rs. 1000/- (in case of General / SC/ PwD) and US$ 1000 or equivalent in Indian Rupee for Foreign Indian Student of total amount paid at the time of admission if vacated seat gets filled up. If the seat so vacated is not filled up, the entire course fee & funds for admission shall stand forfeited and only the security fee will be refunded after the written request by the student.
  4. If Foreign Indian Student candidate opts to pay admission fee in installments instead of paying in lump sum, he/she will have to give a bank guarantee for the balance fee at the time of admission with its validity as mentioned below: -
  • US $ 60000 + US $1000registration charges at the time of admission.
  • US $ 25000 (payable at the start of 2nd year), bank guarantee valid upto December
  • US $ 25000 (payable at the start of 3rd year), bank guarantee valid upto December

Note: The Fee Structure is as per the Notification of the official Counselling Agency, Please visit the official website in subject to any changes.

Apply Now

Note: The apply-now form facilitates students (from pan India- rural, urban, and distant corners) to apply to various colleges, automatically forwarding their details to the respective institutions via email. ICCC is not liable for any responses from the colleges.

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